To get a nodep, it's like treating yourself to a delicacy, just better.



To get a nodep, it's like treating yourself to a delicacy, just better. Therefore, our chef has prepared a special dish for you. Now every month you can get 10 eur of nodep for the active game, and if you are a vip player, the amount can reach 50 eur. You can try the precious treat on the first day of each month. The best dishes are already being prepared for our favorite players. "compliment from the cheff" – is a monthly no deposit promotion for the regular dear players of our casino. The amount of nodep is calculated from the loss for the past month. The bonus offer is not available if for the previous month the player's amount of bets minus the amount of winnings is equal to the negative value. The maximum bonus for the player and premium players is eur 10 / rub 500 / usd 10 / sek 100 / kzt 3500. The minimum amount of deposits for the month, required to receive the bonus is eur 100 / rub 5000 / usd 100 / sek 1000 / kzt 35000. The maximum bonus for vip, platinum and diamond players is usd 50 / rub 2500 / eur 50 / sek 500 / kzt 16000. The minimum amount of deposits for the month, required to receive the bonus is eur 100 / rub 5000 / usd 100 / sek 1000 / kzt 35000.

For the players with vip status and above, the following conditions apply:

With the difference of deposits at the end of the month from eur 2000 / rub 100000 / usd 2000 / sek 20000 / kzt 650000, a nodep in the amount of usd 50 / rub 2500 / eur 50 / sek 500 / kzt 16000 is charged;

With the difference of deposits from usd 1000 / rub 50000 / eur 1000 / sek 10000 / kzt 400000, a nodep in the amount of eur 40 / rub 2000 / usd 40 / sek 400 / kzt 13000 is charged;

With the difference of deposits from 500 eur / 30000 rub / 500 usd / 5000 sec / 170 000kzt, a nodep in the amount of eur 30 / rub 1500 / usd 30 / sek 300 / kzt 10000 is charged;

With the difference of deposits from eur 300 / rub 20000 / usd 300 / sek 3000 / kzt 100000, a nodep in the amount of eur 20 / rub 1000 / usd 20 / sek 200 / kzt 6500 is charged;

With the difference of deposits from 100 usd / 5000 rub / 100 eur / 1000 sek / 3000000 kzt, a nodep in the amount of eur 10 / rub 500 / usd 10 / sek 100 / kzt 3500 is charged.

The bonus wager is x40.

The charge takes place on the first day of the next month by means of gifts in the personal account. You can activate the bonus from the 1st to the 3rd day of the month. Azartplay casino is one of the oldest gambling sites that has been trusted by more than one generation of players for a long time. Tournaments have become the hallmark of Azartplay online casino, but bonuses, promotions and various types of jackpots for players have not been forgotten. Years later, the creators of this online casino do not get tired to surprise players with their inexhaustible imagination and interesting conditions for players, thanks to which the club continues to consolidate and develop initial success. Azartplay casino has the entire package of documents for conducting legal activities in the russian-speaking segment of the gambling market. Security of financial operations, personal data, as well as reports on each game session on the official Azartplay website are very well protected. This is a guarantee of the integrity of the results of any spin on the roulette wheel md5 code.

Optimized for modern requirements, the lobby and a good interface Azartplay delight instant response and excellent usability if in a nutshell, fast loading and good navigation. Much attention is paid to working with customers by the players. There are official downloadable browser extensions that will help you overcome possible blocking of providers. There is a database of statistics with advanced games. You can log in to the official site of Azartplay casino using your vk, facebook and other social networks account. Registration or authorization is required to play in a casino for real money. The reward system of Azartplay club gives more opportunities for the visitors of this gambling establishment to receive additional revenues from the games. You can activate bonus coupons in your account, accumulate and change points for money they are issued only for bets. You can also get additional information on promotions and events of Azartplay casino through applications or e-subscription.

Azartplay casino has become a profitable club for many players with a reputation that has already been tested by time. Even with more than ten years of experience in this interesting industry, both players and professionals, it still surprises us how poor the user experience is often in an online casino. What Azartplay have is interesting: what if Azartplay were to launch an online casino that really cares; a place where players truly feel valued and entertained, like in no other casino, and where ease of use is a top priority. This is how Azartplay was born. Here at Azartplay, online casino is our passion. Azartplay knows what you expect: the best games, exclusive promotions, the biggest jackpots, first-class customer service and a refreshing, open approach to online casinos. Azartplay website is currently available in english, german, spanish, portuguese, chinese, swedish, czech and polish. But Azartplay always welcome players from almost all corners of the globe. Azartplay like to think of ourselves as internationally focused, but with a very strong local flavor. In order to provide the best casino experience possible, Azartplay has handpicked the very best casino games around. Games with life-changing progressive jackpots. Best board games, including roulette, blackjack and baccarat. State-of-the-art games live casino with real dealers. Not only will you find all this in our main casino, you will also find most of your favorite games in our mobile casino, which allows you to enjoy Azartplay on your tablet or smartphone.

We also do not look at promotions and bonuses only as tools to get customers to register. Our loyal panda program is designed to encourage your every action with points that can be bought back against everything at the expense of additional funds in order to fully serve the rest in exotic countries. Because at Azartplay, your loyalty is rewarded. In addition, Azartplay regularly launch other promotions and campaigns that are open to all players, new and old. Some of them are persuasive and interesting, others are strange and foolish. Check out our promotion page for more information. But Azartplay also know that there is more to a great online casino experience than the top selection of casino games, jackpots and promotions: Azartplay know that you are here to play, and not waste time navigating the menu. So from deposits in the game, so that our exclusive hot and cold slots are available, Azartplay made Azartplay as user friendly as possible. If you ever find yourself needing help, Azartplay is guaranteed, you will find our customer service to be polite, prompt, caring and helpful. Simply put, our team lives and breathes customer care. Take our customer service manager, for example: when his daughter asks him a question, he always asks her "do you have any additional questions?" after answering. Azartplay are big fans of pandas, and Azartplay is not alone. It is a well-known fact that humble pandas are adored all over the world. In many cultures, this is due to being relaxed, friendly, accessible and interesting. In combination with high quality and wealth you communicate with the "royal", Azartplay believe that sums up all that is good about Azartplay: are you chasing a jackpot or just looking for entertainment, our goal is to offer you an honest online casino where everyone has a royal good time and dreams really come true. When it comes to promotion, Azartplay like to do things differently. That is why our bonuses are unique. Unlike other casinos, when you play Azartplay, you will always start playing with a cash balance first. When you make your first deposit, use our 100% bonus, and immediately hit a big win, you can pay instantly without being bound to any wagering requirements. Other? Sure. But Azartplay would also like to think that this is better and fairer, too. It also means that if you do not meet the requirements of a bet for promotion or a bonus for the first time-out, you can redeposit and continue until you do.

Roulette is a game that is easy to pick up, which, combined with a steady pace although you can choose to turbo speed if you like these days, and the fact that it is easy to learn makes it one of the most popular casino games in townsend this Azartplay website will show you how to play. Variations of the game, which Azartplay know today are very similar to roulette, which were played in the monte carlo casino in the early days. It was considered a luxury game, as it was originally only available to play in monaco, and then the game gradually spread throughout the us and around the world. There are quite a few game options, including american roulette, roulette and french european roulette with not many differences. Between them. This is the number of zero pockets on the wheels and the distribution of numbers around the wheel, which will give you the key to the type of game you are playing. There are also many online roulette options, some of which are Azartplay categorization in the category "novelty", and other Azartplay would fall into "roulette plus groups- these games often come with side bets where you try to win a progressive jackpot for big payouts. In other cases, you can bet on multiple wheels at the same time.

This is one of the most popular sections of the site - not surprisingly, there, i suppose, because everything is free here if you want to check out a whole range of free games in roulette from different game developers, then this is the section to go. Azartplay includes high-stakes games like premier diamond edition, beginner games and fun options like mini-roulette. This section includes games from microgaming, playtech, igt, realistic games and net ent, all of which have their own advantages and minuses. Check them yourself, and see what you think. If you are looking for the latest bonus offers, roulette tournaments and games, you will find it in our roulette news section, where Azartplay hang out the newest stories about what is recently on the market. Roulette is a very simple game to raise, the best way to do it is often to simply play and learn as you go, making small low-risk bets or practice on a free game. The concept itself is simple, there is a wheel and a betting surface with which the game is.

There are many types of roulette bets in the game. Azartplay go into all of them in detail: they can be divided into 3 types: internal bets, external bets and more exotic wager calls. Betting on domestic bets has a low probability of winning compared with the outside, but the gain is much greater. External rates are opposite and have a high probability, but a much smaller payout. Straight up the bet on the individual number, split, when you divide the bet for two numbers that are next to each other, the angle of the square of the bet where you place the chip on the corner that applies to the bet for four numbers on all three numbers on one line, the bet trio will allow you to place a bet on a split of either 0. 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3, and finally, Azartplay has a six line bet, which is a bet on two adjacent horizontal lines. There's also the infamous five number bet. Azartplay explains all these bets in detail in our roulette betting section. There are also 6 types of external bets, including red or black, even or odd, numbers from 1 to 18, numbers from 1 to 36, and dozens of bets in which you bet on one third of the number and column bets that allow you to make bet on the entire vertical column of numbers. Online roulette is a modern twist on a game that has a rich history that has few equal when it comes to getting adrenaline in the blood. Good luck on the tables, and please play responsibly

Round and around it goes. Where he stops, nobody knows. Not even a veteran. That's right, it's time for roulette. You will not find a simpler game. Your only solution is how much and where to place your bets. Of course, the choice seems almost endless. The numbers on the roulette wheel consist of 1-36, plus 0 and 00, for a total of 38. See the roulette wheel for a diagram to determine which number is in which color. First, buy roulette chips from the dealer. Even if you have the remaining chips from pai gow or blackjack, you will need roulette chips. With several players throwing chips around, you want to make sure that the dealer identifies you with a certain chip color. In addition, it will make sure that your chip is worth the amount you paid for them. After you have finished playing at this table, make sure that you cash out your roulette chips at the same table. If you leave, no one will know the true meaning of your chips. Now that you have bought your roulette chips, place them where you think the ball will land. You can place inside a bet or an external bet. Have you ever walked around a casino and happened to run across the velvet rope of an area where a group of people are noisily and violently pressing the corresponding rotation buttons on their gaming machines? No, it was not some kind of mysterious gambling ritual — it's more likely that people just played in a slot tournament. Game tournaments are popular among slot enthusiasts because they offer camaraderie with other gaming fans and treats. Prizes, special prices for rooms and more. Some casinos even offer a special tournament package, which includes a welcome party, a banquet of awards, door prizes and raffles.

Many people prefer tournaments to regular slot games, because they know in advance that there will be their potential losses - most tournaments have an entry fee set. This is not quite as risky as regular gambling slot, because you can lose only the amount of the fee. Admission can vary from very minimal $ 10 to several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Some casinos offer free tournaments that are open to the general public. They conduct weekly and sometimes daily tournaments as a way to attract players to the casino. There are also a number of casinos that offer only by invitation, private tournaments. Invitational tournaments are usually held as a reward or comp for loyal players or high rollers. You do not have to be a regular player slot or an expert slot to participate in a slot tournament.

Ancient egypt classic in spin city

Get ready, it's time to set off a trip from ancient egypt to alluring vegas is awaiting

From november 22 to december 2, take part in the large-scale online draw the ancient egypt classic in spin city from pragmatic play.

50 000 eur and the main prize - a trip to vegas worth 10 000 eur, are waiting for the winners.

There will be exactly 1000 prize-winners, the chances of winning are very high

Qualifying games:

Ancient egypt classic™,

Vegas magic™,

Ancient egypt™,

Wolf gold™,

Diamond strike™

The prizes: 1x lifetime vegas experience for two and 999 cash prizes worth €/£ 50, 000

In-game tournament criteria: highest value single spin win amount adjusted for bet value

How to win: each player with a minimum of €/£0, 50 real money spins on any of the participating game during the promo period will qualify for the promotion. The score of the leaderboard is based on the highest single spin win amount

Prizes €/£:

  1. Lifetime vegas experience worth 10, 000
  2. 3, 000
  3. 1, 000

4 – 10. 500

11 – 50. 250

51 – 100. 100

101- 200. 50

201 – 500. 25

501 – 1000. 10

Terms and conditions

The ancient egypt classic in spin city network promotion will run from 10:00 am on thursday 22nd november until 23:59 pm sunday 2nd december 2018 cet.

All games are available for the tournament on. Com and uk.

Minimum bet amount to qualify is €/£ 0, 50 regional equivalents.

Each player with a minimum of €/£0, 50 real money spins on any of the participating game during the promo period will qualify for the promotion. The score of the leaderboard is based on the highest single spin win amount.

Players are required to opt-in the network promotion to participate.

The leaderboard is built in the qualifying games and updates in real time.

Prizes: 1, 000 prizes of a total prize-pool of €/£50, 000 regional equivalents.

1st prize: 1 x vip trip to vegas worth €10, 000;


Return business class flights for two from europe to las vegas

Luxury airport lounge access in both directions

Private return airport transfer in las vegas

4 nights’accomodation in double occupancy pyramid king suite at luxor las vegas

A bottle of champagne in room on arrival

$300 luxor gift card to cover breakfast each a $300 luxor gift card to cover breakfast each morning in the luxor resort restaurant

A 50 min full body massage each in the hotel spa

€1, 000 spending money

All resort fees & taxes

Comprehensive travel insurance for two

Complete prize winner management throughout the campaign

Cash equivalent for the first prize €/£ 10, 000 is available should the winner prefer. In the event that, the prize of the promotion should not for any reason be available for delivery to the winner or if the winner prefers the cash equivalent, then a cash equivalent of the total value of the prize minus the 7% agency fee shall be awarded in place of the prize at pragmatic play’s sole discretion. The agency black tomato will contact the winner and arrange prize fulfillment.